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Max Reinert
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Today Josh prides himself first and foremost in being a father, and serving as an advocate for fathers rights. Josh is also passionate about mental health and giving back to the community, and therefore founded 21 Reasons To Give and now also works for the NBPA in the player programming department as a regional representative.


Josh "JP"Powell has an insider view on the wide world of sports and worldly perspective on relationships, entertainment and lifestyle, and uses all of his experiences to help the next generation grow to be better. Josh played professional basketball for 20 plus years (and still counting). During his tenure Josh became a 2x NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, a Euroleague champion with Olympiacos, and is currently a Co-Captain for BIG3's Killer 3s.


Josh's perspective on relationships, lifestyle and philanthropy is very sophisticated due in part to the tremendous exposure he's gained, traveling the world for business and basketball. Josh is committed to a life of growth and service in which he hopes to touch every community he is a part of.

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